The Danish Association of Eco-Communities (LØS) provides a framework for sharing experiences and knowledge, and is politically engaged in promoting the establishment of eco-communities in Denmark and encouraging society at large to become engaged in living more sustainably.

In the Danish Association of Eco-Communities, we are convinced that we must live sustainably in the 21st century. If our footprint on our old Earth is to be lighter, it is imperative that our way of life becomes more sustainable – ecologically, socially and spiritually.

Therefore it is our mission to spread holistic, circular thinking and ecological principles within the technical and physical, the social, and the cultural and spiritual dimensions of our lives.

Our common vision can be formulated as embracing the following tasks:

  • Creating ecologically and socially sustainable settlements, in both rural and urban areas.
  • Cooperating with communities that have a common ecological, social or spiritual foundation.
  • Ethical and ecological use of energy and mineral, biological, human and cultural resources.
  • Self-determination, flat structures and accountability in leadership and economy.
  • Tolerance in relation to diversity of life views and life forms.
  • Promoting consciousness that we are all equal members of a global community.

Our purpose is:

  • To promote a way of living that makes it possible to establish a holistic network that embraces people and nature and ensures care and respect for all living creatures and natural resources.
  • To represent and work for our members’ interests, both inside and outside the association, as described in our common vision.

Our purpose is effectuated by:

  • Representing eco-communities
  • Interacting with politicians and public authorities
  • Cooperating with other organizations on the basis of our common interests
  • Being a common forum for eco-communities’ ideas and experiences
  • Supporting the establishment and development of eco-communities
  • Promoting research and development that supports the association’s purpose
  • Informing and teaching
  • Continually developing the vision, for example by arranging vision seminars and workshops
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