Welcome to the registration page of the Youth in Transition project!

What do you get when you register?

You can download and access an APP with the teacher's handbook, the forum and other elements, and you get access to a FORUM where you can engage with other participants or teachers who also hold or participate in creative workshops on sustainability.

In the forum, you as a teacher can share your ideas, experiences and knowledge. As a participant in training, you can share your products, thoughts and creativity with the others in the group or with everyone who uses the App, i.e. that the app can be a tool in your teaching and joint creative process and exchanges.

You can access the forum from the Youth in Transition website where you are now. Once you have signed up, a new tab named FORUM will appear on the menu bar.

If you prefer to access the forum from your smartphone, you can access it from the App, which you can download by clicking on the icons below.

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IMPORTANT: Once you have registered, you will receive an email with confirmation, username and password, which you must use both on this website and on the App. NOTE: It may take a few minutes after you have registered for the email to arrive. See possibly in your spam folder

See how to use it here:

Remember your login details are:

password: (if the password field is blank, it means that you already changed it, you can recover it here)

Let us know if you have any questions.

Youth in Transition Team