Plattform Footprint is an alliance of leading environmental, development aid and social NGOs in Austria which, together with research institutions, wants to promote and anchor the "Ecological Footprint" as a key measure of sustainability in our society. 

The platform wants to create a broad awareness of the fact that a joyful and peaceful life for all people will only be possible in the long term if the natural limits of our earth's biocapacity are not exceeded – “a fair share for all”. 

Applying the Ecological Footprint in education and consulting, Plattform Footprint wants to contribute to the “great transformation” towards sustainable “future-proof” societies.

With diverse educational and awareness raising programmes, the platform contributes to making the necessary changes in lifestyles, in the economy and in politics comprehensible to broad sections of the population. 

Plattform Footprint directly promotes the Ecological Footprint concept with online-tools, educational  materials, applied research, lectures and workshops as well as campaigns to establish the Ecological Footprint as a parameter for sustainability in politics and economics as well as on the very personal lifestyle level. 

With concrete projects and consulting for business and politics, the Platform wants to actively contribute to the realisation of the necessary actions at all levels of society.

The proponents of Plattform Footprint offer a competent mix of social and ecological visions, applied research, extensive networking and inspired teaching to create momentum for change.

Last but not least, the platform wants to generate new synergies within civil society through a topic-centred networking of all member organisations and thus develop a socio-political impact. 

Plattform Footprint is a member of the Global Footprint Network. 

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