NOAH Friends of Earth

NOAH is a Denmark based organisation that works for environmental justice through environmental policy programs, campaigns, research and non formal education activities.

Since 2015 NOAH has had a working group for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) which has gained broad experience in the development of pedagogy, didactics and practice on ESD to a broad audience. Among other things we have developed a recurrent long term folk high school course; a host of methodologies and workshop formats that bring tools from popular education to the formal school system; several educational materials on ej. biodiversity, agriculture, and food sovereignty. We have been working with preschool and secondary school children, high school youth, universities and non formal youth- and adult education.  

With this project NOAH hopes to expand our knowledge on inclusion and creativity in order to better reach out to broader segments of the youth population, and empower youth to make sustainable lifestyle choices and to actively shape their lives, their communities, and society.