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1.2 YINT Handbook themes and structure

The themes in the YINT handbook will build on the Gaia Education 4D framework, as a structuring principle, but also as the partners sympathise with and believe in this holistic model of sustainability. It is therefore possible as facilitators to choose from the different methods and exercises within each dimension, to create a focus, but also to mingle between them, as the concrete situation demands.

The structure in the YINT handbook is therefore - after the general introduction and facilitation tips for those interested - a presentation of selected activities for each of the dimensions, including blending learning opportunities, plus an annex with extra activities that cut across the dimensions (Appendix 4).

Help for the reader:
DIMENSION - the structure of the handbook, in the four dimensions from GAIA Education
THEMES - each of the dimensions explores three or four subject areas that we call themes, to be expanded on through activities and delved in deeply through workshops
ACTIVITY - an educational process intended to stimulate learning through actual experience.
WORKSHOP - a series of recommended activities that create a meaningful workshop experience within or across different dimensions.

Some of the activities are significantly sourced from the partners existing work, contextualised to the YINT project, where others are developed for the YINT project only.   


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