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1 Introduction

The target group for the handbook is facilitators and trainers who seek to introduce EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (ESD) topics for participants that might not be highly interested, unfamiliar with the topics or challenged to access ESD. 

It originates from the project: Youth in Transition (YINT), a project under the Erasmus+ programme,  implemented by six partners in Scotland, Denmark, Austria and Italy in 2021-2022 (Don Bosco, GAIA Education, NOAH, HAUP, Platform Footprint and LOES, the Danish Ecovillage Network).  

YINT operates within a triangle, with ART/CREATIVITY, ESD and ‘HARD TO REACH’ YOUTH placed in each corner. All materials in this handbook will be oriented towards applying an artful and creative way to reach hard to reach target groups among youth with the message of sustainability, preferably in ways that offer a space for blended learning. That is the challenge the partners set up in the project - and this guidebook is the joint answer to the challenge.    

We can change the world – if we change our mindset: The key aim of this handbook is to bring the transformative power of education to its full force and enable socially excluded youth (see appendix 2 YINT Theory of Change) to become agents of their desired sustainable future. 

With this  guidebook we, the authors from four countries, want to ignite the fire of being part of this sustainable future and hope to assist more people to transform into becoming ‘multipliers’ of change. The handbook is intended to be an aid to run activities with youth feeding into sustainable and regenerative change.  

Let’s get active together!  


Within each dimension, the handbook explores the following themes:


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