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2.1 Competencies for shaping the future

To shape our lives, the ability to read and write, language skills and other basic skills are used. Also, every profession requires a special set of competencies. But what does it take to save the planet? The German educator Gerhard DeHaan has thought about what skills someone needs for designing the future. Here some of competencies, he finds necessary for shaping the future:

  • Curiosity: No one has the solution up to now, so it is important to stay curious. We should ask ourselves how we can arouse and encourage curiosity?
  • An idea of justice: We need a good sense of what is just and what is not. We should also know that there is no such thing as absolute justice.
  • A new way of dealing with conflicts and contradictions: We want to go on vacation, with friends and family. But air travel pollutes. What can we do? We have to face these conflicts that we all have and find good solutions - even if not possible in the short term.
  • Ability to motivate oneself and others: Taking action is a big challenge. It is easier to do it together. We should look for ways to motivate each other more.
  • Ability to work together: The ability to work together is another key to making a big undertaking succeed.
  • All of the above will remain empty and meaningless, if we do not care about how other people are doing and how nature is doing. Compassion can also be practised, learned, especially through extracurricular activities.


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